Toyota Walkie grinding near drive wheel

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Toyota Walkie grinding near drive wheel

Post by ESD »

I have a battery operated 7HBW23 Toyota Walkie that is laboring to move forward. No error codes. It lifts and drives. But it is making a grinding noise near the drive wheel. All advice is appreciated!
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Re: Toyota Walkie grinding near drive wheel

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Hello and welcome to fixaforklift!!

In my experience on those walkies the drive wheel uses a ring and pinion to mechanically turn the wheel, it is possible that the drive unit is internally worn, meaning the gear or the bearing are scored or the teeth are damaged.

You can start by checking the fluid,
Lift up that wheel, there should be an allen head bolt towarda the bottom of the unit to drain the gear oil, drain it and look at the color or see if their are any metal shavings within the oil,

It is very possible that you need a drive unit rebuild or a reman drive unit,

It comes about fairly simple after you remove the actual electric motor sitting on top of it
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Re: Toyota Walkie grinding near drive wheel

Post by Erpap12 »

Hi Toyota guy here. Check the brake on the drive wheel. Remove it to see if there is any drag. If there then it the drive wheel and bearings. If not then then likely it's the brake assembly.
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