Raymond 8400 code E107

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Raymond 8400 code E107

Post by John »

I have a Raymond pallet walkie model 8400 with error code E107 on the handle display. It has hydraulic lift until you pull down the handle to drive and then the horn blows 3 times and E107 is on panel and it won't move forward or reverse and won't lift anymore.

Can you tell me what error E107 is and what might be the problem.
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Re: Raymond 8400 code E107

Post by butchfork »

E107 is described as "contactor off error".
All truck functions inactive.

Causes are that the main contactor did not close, open in the coil, the coil resistance is low or high. Resistance should be about 39 ohms. Check coil circuit wiring for an open.

Also be sure that the connections on each side are tight. If the TA sees that there is a voltage difference between volts in and out of contactor, it will set code E107.
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