Forks Drop When Off

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Forks Drop When Off

Post by Paul »

I have Jungheinrich model ECR327 pallet truck the same as a Mitsubishi walkie end rider PWR30. Forks will drop when the truck is turned off and sits a while. We noticed a drop of about 3 inches in an hour. What is causing this problem and is it something I can fix myself?
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Re: Forks Drop When Off

Post by butchfork »

There are only 2 possibilities that will cause the forks to drop on a Mitsubishi PWR30 or Jungheinrich ECR327 pallet walkie. Either a problem in the lift cylinder or the check valve that keeps pressure is leaking back.

To determine which, lift the forks all the way, support with wood block, remove cylinder hose from valve block (see pic below) and plug it off on the cylinder side. Remove the support and give it about an hour to see if the forks dropped at all. It they do, then the lift cylinder has an internal problem.

If they don't drop, then the check valve (not the solenoid valve) that holds pressure in the circuit is faulty. The check valve is internal to the valve block assembly. You will need to remove the entire hydro pump / reservoir / valve assembly, disassemble it and the replace the block.
Mitsubishi pallet walkie end rider hydraulic valve block assembly replace.
Mitsubishi pallet walkie end rider hydraulic valve block assembly replace.
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