ECR 327 No Plugging


ECR 327 No Plugging

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ECR 327 No Plugging

Post by Shawn »

Jungheinrich ECR 327 pallet walkie rider has a problem plugging. When turning hard and try to change drive direction the truck won't reverse direction. Warehouse operators say this has happened several times on this pallet truck. Only when turning hard. One guy actually hit a rack. When the problem happens there is a code on the display of either 1809 or 1909, they don't remember. This Jungheinrich rider had to be tagged out because it is unsafe to drive. Have your mechanics had this problem before? What should i do. I would like to have our guy try to fix it before we have to call out a forklift mechanic.

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Re: ECR 327 No Plugging

Post by butchfork »

Fault Code 1809 on a Jungheinrich ECR327 is a problem in the CanBus circuit. There is a service bulletin for this fault that has several possible causes, but for your problem when turning, there is an area common to have the canBus wires rubbed through. See the pics below.

When turning, the wire harness rubs through on the traction motor. It can cut any number of wires. In your case it may have cut the yellow and green CanBus wires. They are a twisted pair. Just fix these wires and your Jungheinrich will be good to go.
Jungheinrich ECR327 CanBus Wire Repair.
Jungheinrich ECR327 CanBus Wire Repair.
Jungheinrich fault code 1809.
Jungheinrich fault code 1809.
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