ECR 327 code 1809


ECR 327 code 1809

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ECR 327 code 1809

Post by Mike »

I have a new Jungheinrich ECR 327 pallet walkie rider with a fault code 1809 and 1901 on the display meter panel and the truck will not operate. No lift function and no drive forward or reverse. The service wrench symbol is on the meter panel display.

It was plugged in and charging now the pallet truck won't do anything.

I checked all the fuses and they were good.

When I pull the handle down I do not hear the contactor close.

Have read online that this seems to be a common problem with the newer Jungheinrich ECR 327.

Any help with the code E1809 and E1901 will be appreciated.

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Re: ECR 327 code 1809

Post by butchfork »

Code E1901 is just a result of code E1809. Code 1809 is a CanBus error. The pallet truck will not move or lift. There are several things that can cause E1809 on a Jungheinrich ECR327 or Mitsubishi PWR30 pallet walkie rider. Actually have seen this problem more on the Mitsubishi model PWR30 pallet walkie rider.
See this article if fault E1809 the truck does run.

A laptop and Curtis Controller software is really needed to help diagnose this problem. There is a feature in that software that will show a map of all nodes currently awake and alive on the CanBus. Code E1809 means that one or more are not. From there you can concentrate on which module is not responding.

Without having the laptop and software to help diagnose it you can do a few things. Turn the key to ON. If the blue light in the middle of the grab bar control pad does not blink for a few seconds, that means the grab bar control pad is dead and needs to be replaced. If it does light up, then the most common problem i have run into is that the tiller handle switch (actually it is now called a controller) is faulty. Again, more on the Mitsubishi model PWR30 pallet walkie rider.

Remove the cover on top of the tiller handle pivot area. Make sure the connector is fully seated. See picture below.
Mitsubishi model PWR30 pallet walkie rider code E1809.
Mitsubishi model PWR30 pallet walkie rider code E1809.
If it is OK, then remove the handle switch panel by removing the Torx screws from the under side of the handle. Disconnect the electrical connector. It has 4 wires. One is power in, one is negative. The other 2 are the CanBus circuit. Make sure you have power and negative going in. Is you do, measure the controller CanBus wires with an ohm meter. It should read 120 ohms. If it does, replace the tiller handle controller to fix the E1809 fault code.
Walkie rider fault E1809 handle switch / controller.
Walkie rider fault E1809 handle switch / controller.
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