Crown WP3000 codes 856 & 857


Crown WP3000 codes 856 & 857

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Crown WP3000 codes 856 & 857

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Have this unit, BDI shows code 856 & 857, SAS. Zapi flashing a 56, 57 & 58. Good battery, check wiring harness under tiller and seems ok. Any ideas?

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Re: Crown WP3000 codes 856 & 857

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Code 856 is a communication error with tiller handle. I think 857 is the emergency reverse switch CAN BUS. Either the switch or wiring. Be sure you checked all the fuses too. Especially FU3. You need to ohm out the wires from the tiller handle to the controller. Most of the broken wires are found where they bend at the knuckle of the driver unit.

It may not be as obvious as the wire is broken in half. If could just be that the copper has broken inside the insulation. Pull on the wires and look for one to stretch. This means the copper wires in broken inside.

If all is OK, then the problem is either in the handle main board or the controller. The controller will need to set up after replacement. Without a handset or laptop software to hep with diagnosis, it would be a a guess as to witch one it is.
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Re: Crown WP3000 codes 856 & 857

Post by Jesse »

Just replace the x 10 pod
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