Thumping noise when moving

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Thumping noise when moving

Post by Bill01 »

One of our Mitsubishi reach trucks in the warehouse has a thumping, knocking noise that you can hear and feel when the unit is moving in either forward or reverse. The noise gets faster as the truck goes faster. What is a common problem that causes this? Thanks guys.
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Re: Thumping noise when moving

Post by Billygoat »

Most likely the problem is with either of the front load wheels has a flat spot, chunks missing or the bearings are no good. Jack up each front arm and spin the wheels by hand to see if they wobble or you can hear the bearings making noise.

You can do the same for the drive wheel in the back and the caster wheel. Jack up the back of the truck and inspect the wheels. Be sure to put a block under the lift truck for safety- never trust a jack.
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