Seat switch problem

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Seat switch problem

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Sometimes the Nissan fork truck will not move forward or reverse or any of the hydraulic controls wont operate. We have to actually move around on the seat to get thing to work. I know there is a switch in the seat. It is easy to replace? Can we just bypass it so the truck will work properly?
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Re: Seat switch problem

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Yes there is a seat switch under the seat part of the safety procedure to prevent the truck from operating when there is no one on the seat itself,

It is NOT recommended to bypass this switch, it is possible but that would be in violation OSHA and forklift safety practices.

The seat switch is a 2 wire switch that closes a ground circuit that sends a signal to the ECM to let the truck know there is an operator on the seat, if you have to move around to actuate it that means either the plastic holding the switch is broken, or the switch itself is worn out that it needs to be replaced.

easy to replace and you can get the part at any power equipment dealer
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Re: Seat switch problem

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I bypass still does not work
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