Nissan PL02A25 forklift dash problem .

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Nissan PL02A25 forklift dash problem .

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Hello everyone , I have a Nissan PL02A25 Auto Gearbox Forklift that has a problem in the dashboard and I cant select Drive or Reverse . If the dashboard does not get power the Gear shifter does not change gears . Also the dashboard doesnt show any working hours or other lamps and the meters dont work at all . Is there any way of a temporary fix to move the forklift until I get a replacement part ? Or is there anyone that knows if there are any common problems with this dashboard or model ?
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Re: Nissan PL02A25 forklift dash problem .

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Hello there is a way to get the truck to move temporarily but it will require some serious harness splicing and a wiring diagram to jump wires, hate to say it but it looks like your going to have to wait for the replacement part
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