Nissan Hour meter shows an O

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Nissan Hour meter shows an O

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I have a nissan 5k LP truck it is an 18LV model. When I turn on the truck the hours show up but then disappear and a single 0 is displayed, no matter what I do the display stays the same, what could be the issue?
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Re: Nissan Hour meter shows an O

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Great question! I have found that a single 0 displayed on the dash is a maintenance display code, it means that you have possibly low coolant in the resevoir or that the coolant sensor is no longer reading the amount inside the resevoir, simply add coolant and if the code does not go away OHM the coolant sensor and it should read continuity if it does not, the sensor is bad and remove and replace with a new one. Same applies if it has low oil. Follow the same procedure and the display code should go away!
Nissan LP forklift dash shows an O
Nissan LP forklift dash shows an O
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