Make Nissan mcpl01a18lv faster

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Make Nissan mcpl01a18lv faster

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I have a Nissan model mcpl01a18lv how can I get into the configuration mode so I can make the forklift go faster?
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Re: Make Nissan mcpl01a18lv faster

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Well you can get into the configuration mode through the dash on these models but there are some that you can only get into configuration mode through the actual ECM here are the two ways:

Through the dash:
You would have to hold the left and up arrow while putting the ignition on "ON".
Under display settings, look for acceleration mode or European models under speed settings.
You can adjust there as you wish, hit confirm using the circle key on the dash and it will save,
cycle the key and your speed is adjusted.

Through the laptop:
If you dont have the display option, you can hook up your laptop to the actual ECM which is located on the right side kick panel.
Remove the kick panel which is held down with two torx screws.
Open the rubber holder.
insert your computer cable which is the same as the caterpillar diagnostic cable.
Open the program 'UP-TIME'.
When it is loading hit cancel and it will send you to the direct screen.
Look for speed adjust and adjust accordingly.
Cycle the key on and off and the settings will save.
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