code e-27 error code

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code e-27 error code

Post by Henry »

This Nissan lift with the K21 engine is showing code e27 on panel. I replaced the crank sensor but engine is still running rough with a lack of power. No change in how it runs between the old crank sensor and the new one. I have also replaced the cam sensor.
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Re: code e-27 error code

Post by hiandlotech »

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E-27 is defined as a crank sensor code, Since you have replaced the crank sensor we can rule that out, if you have not already done so make sure all ignition connections are where they are supposed to be.
It is an ignition related code, it is possible that something as simple as the spark plug gap being too worn out or even bad spark plugs, best best is to start with a basic tune up.
See Error Code Chart

Replace spark plugs and make sure the GAP is correct, which is 0.38 (.096mm) if the gap is wider it could trigger that code, the code may still be present so to refresh the dash disconnecting the battery may not always reset it you would have to do the manual pedal reset which goes as follows.

Just remember 3-5-7

Turn the ignition switch on with accel. pedal released,after 3 seconds fully depress the accel pedal 5 times within 5 seconds(end in released position). After 7 seconds(timing is very important...1 mississippi 2 mississippi etc....) press and hold down accel pedal for approximately 10 seconds(again timing) until the hour meter starts blinking, release pedal and push down and hold again for 10 seconds) hour meter should be on with no codes showing,shut key off and test to see if codes cleared.
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Re: code e-27 error code

Post by calycat »

buy a cheap code reader, obd11,it clears it , ived done it many times on these engines,,

Re: code e-27 error code

Post by Rordog »

Hey Guys,

I have the famous E-27 code on a 2006 Nissan 30 forklift, MCPL01A15LV. Running Propane/LP. This lift has 600 hours. It doesn't get used much. Only to unload a truck maybe once or twice a week. It only runs for 5-10 mins most of the time. I've done a full tune up, new spark plugs, filters, fluids, etc. I replaced both crank and cam sensors. I did the pedal dance as directed above. This cleared the code and the fork lift ran decent for about 5 hours. On cold startup its idles up and down a bit but after its warmed up it runs fine, seems the throttle response is a bit sluggish to me though.

I've checked the coils and they are all working fine. It will only run on 2 cylinders. I did notice the plugs look a little browner in the 2 inner cylinders when i replaced them.

I'm starting to believe this E-27 code is a fuel issue. Can anybody chime in here please? I question if the regulator is gummed up or maybe the vaporizer? P.S i'm not a forklift tech. Just a mechanic trying to learn more about propane.
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