Wont Go Into Gear At Times

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Wont Go Into Gear At Times

Post by Rick »

Nissan 5,000 lb. electric fork lift will not go into gear sometimes when we shift it. Any common problems with the Nissan electric forklift for this condition? It seems to happen more going from neutral to reverse, but will do it forward as well.

There are no fault codes on the display and the battery is always at a full charge since we don't use it in the warehouse too much. We have a couple of other same model Nissan truck and they don't have this shifting problem but we are afraid this is common and will start to act up on the other forklifts.
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Re: Wont Go Into Gear At Times

Post by hiandlotech »

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It seems as if your directional switch is sticking, besides the controller, the directional switch may or may not be easy to get to, the steering column splits in half, the directional switch is mounted on the column itself,usually comes with a pigtail connection. Most often this part will be the entire switch assembly. See picture below.

Remove the steering wheel horn button. Remove the center wheel nut and remove the steering wheel. Use a puller or you can also just give it a swift blow with a hammer to loosen it up while pulling on it or using your knee to pop it up off the shaft. Then rake off the 2 covers. The directional switch assembly is help in with 4 Phillips head screws. Just plug in the new one and your forklift is good to go.
Nissan forklift directional switch assembly
Nissan forklift directional switch assembly
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