Steering feels loose and wheels shake

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Steering feels loose and wheels shake

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The steering on a Nissan lift truck in our shop feels very loose and the rear steer tires seem to shake when driving it around. What is a common problem that causes this? We are looking to get it fixed ourselves and need some help. Thanks.
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Re: Steering feels loose and wheels shake

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Loose steering in the rear could mean a few things, Their are kingpins and tie rods that have bushings inside the rods, If those are not greased properly during every PM they can wear out and cause it to grind down to a point where there can be noise while driving.

The proper way to check is to lift the back end using a forklift jack, with the wheel in the air you can rock the wheel left to right to check the steering linkage if no play is found that side is good, there are zerk fittings on anything that pivots.
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