Nissan A1N1L15v codes 436 and 470

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Nissan A1N1L15v codes 436 and 470

Post by Mac »

Fellas, got called out on a Nissan A1N1L15V today. User called in for it throwing codes and reduced speed. Upon arrival no codes present at keyup, test drove 10 minutes and could not get unit to fault out. Parked it and started removing covers for inspection. Keyed it back on and code 470 check steer angle sensor popped up then 436 p/cont temp sensor. Inspected terminals and cables, blew truck out and test drove again, code went away, drove nearly an hour with no issues. Parked it, put covers back on. Keyed on to move it and the codes are back. Accessed service menu and found tire angle moving smoothly but nothing registering under steer angle sensor. Also noticed d/cont temp sensor at 31*c but p/cont temp sensor at 43*c. Not familiar with Nissans so any help is appreciated!

Re: Nissan A1N1L15v codes 436 and 470

Post by Gabriel »

If you park the truck and let it cool down, bypass the seat switch while off of the unit hit lift or tilt dead head it and if the code comes up as soon as the fans kick on it’s your voltage regulator in the van you have to replace the vcm what’s happening is that it falls below 11 volts triggering those codes! I know u can check it at the vcm I forgot which connector and pin it exactly is but that will trigger those codes which have nothing to do with the voltage regulator well atleast in the book it doesn’t tell you to check it
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