Model 1B1 acceleration rate

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Model 1B1 acceleration rate

Post by henry » Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:35 pm

Nissan model 1B1 customer wants the acceleration speed reduced, not the trucks top speed but the acceleration rate from a dead stop. He says the fork truck used for the application when you hit the accel pedal it takes off too fast either in forward or reverse. The drivers are loosing the product, light weight material.

I tried pressing the buttons on the meter panel like it says in the operators manual, but i cannot get to the correct parameter. All i can ever change is the clock and the date, not acceleration.

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Re: Model 1B1 acceleration rate

Post by butchfork » Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:37 pm

Answer: Yes, i have had this same problem. It is a lttle confusing. The reason you cannot get to the parameter is that your Nissan forklift may be in the wrong mode. On the meter panel, if the small square MODE box says anything other than "M", you cannot get into it to change the acceleration. The system is function locked. You must first change the mode to M which means manual mode, then you will be able to get into it. This works for Nissan model 1B1, 1N1 or 1B2

To unlock your Nissan follow this procedure...
Turn the key on.
Press the function key FN2 and FN5 together.
The hit FN5, FN2, FN3, FN5, FN5 in that order.
You can hit FN3 to change the mode. Keep pressing it until the mode box reads "M".
Now you do the procedure in the manual to get into the display showing D.ACC:8.
This is the factory setting of the highest acceleration rate 8. Use down arrow or up arrow to change the parameter. Now turn the key off, then on. Now use FN3 to put the mode back to whatever it was, or at least not M. Last, press the button sequence above used to unlock the system to lock it again so a driver cannot start messing with things. Try going to a setting of 8 down to 2 or 3 to give a nice acceleration rate.
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