ESR23N2 Won't move or lift.

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ESR23N2 Won't move or lift.

Post by GoldenEq »

I have a Mitsubishi ESR23N2 Serial: 82820061 Aisle Forklift that won't move or activate any hydraulic function. The display panel shows error code: 2124

Any idea on where to begin? I did switch out a new key ignition with OEM parts cause the truck wouldn't turn on before due to the old one being faulty.
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Re: ESR23N2 Won't move or lift.

Post by butchfork »

With that code, the first 2 means hydraulics. So the problem is in hydraulics system. This will also cause the drive (traction) to not function. Without getting into the code logbook of the controller with the proiper laptop software, the display does not show the last part of the code. it would be something like 2124.1, 2124.6, etc. The last number after the dot is called the subindex and gives a little more detail to the code.

With that said, your Mitsubishi, which is the same as a Jungheinrich ETR reach truck, seems to have a problem in the free lift height sensor. See pictures below. Either the sensor is out of adjustment, has been damaged or has just plain failed. The problem is that you cannot access the sensor without raising the mast, so if the mast and carriage are all the way down, you will have to use another truck to lift it. You can also try to stick you head on the right side of the free lift cylinder and chains to try to look down toward the sensor.
Mitsubishi ERS23n2 code 2124
Mitsubishi ERS23n2 code 2124
Mitsubishi ESR23n2 height sensor
Mitsubishi ESR23n2 height sensor
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