Wont crank over

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Wont crank over

Post by Roni »

What will cause this Mitsubishi forklift to not crank over sometimes? I turn the key and do not hear the starter click or anything. We had a mechanic change the starter and the battery, but it still happens sometimes. There is no login device, just an ignition key to start it.
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Re: Wont crank over

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There can be many cause of this condition, faulty starter solenoid, corrosion on starter relay, etc...

One main thing I would check are mainly ground wires going to the starter and the engine itself,
If it is a Tier 2 type engine you can connect a program called UPTIME to check the quality of the crank sensor and or cam sensor if equipped,

Clean any corrosion on all your main battery wires, use electric grease, and blow out any dirt or grime on the surface,

Also make sure the gear is in Neutral and the parking brake on, if anything seems out of the ordinary it should be inspected
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