Code 23 on meter panel

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Code 23 on meter panel

Post by Phil »

What does code 23 mean that is on the dash of our Mitsubishi 5k LP gas forklift? It shows on the panel every time we start the truck and wont go away. Need some help to diagnose and fix the problem before we call a mechanic to fix it.

The forklift seems to run fine even with the code on the dash. Not sure if this is something that needs to be fixed right away or we can wait without causing damage or some other problems on our Mitsubishi.
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Re: Code 23 on meter panel

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Hello and welcome to!!! :?: :?:

code E-23
throttle position sensor signal error
Fault Codes Chart
Any time the battery is disconnected or throttle body has been disconnected or replaced or the
Accelerator Sensor has been disconnected/ replaced you must perform:
- Accelerator Released Position Learn.
- Throttle Valve Closed Position Learn.
- Idle Air Volume Learn ( TAS Fast Normal ).
Failure to perform these learns may cause this code to set

Most of the time this will do the trick, but if need be here is another direction you might have to go
throttle position learn procedure:
step1- Turn the key switch ON and then OFF.
step2- Count out 5 seconds after turning the key switch.
step3- Listen for a movement sound at the Electronic Throttle-body. It must operate.
If so, this learn is completed.

If it still stays on, you will have to call out a service tech and have him hook up to his diagnozer software and look at the VCM diagnostic read out.
It must not exceed the spec listed.
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