How to replace forklift propane gas tank

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How to replace forklift propane gas tank

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How To Safely Replace Forklift LP Tank

Always ear eye protection and insulated propane handling gloves such as leather or insulated neoprene. Close the valve on the cylinder. Run the forklift engine until it runs out of fuel and stops running. This ensures that the feed hose, vaporizer and regulator are empty of all gas.
Turn the key to the OFF position.

Unscrew the hose valve (Rego Fitting) and inspect valves for leaking. Do NOT use metal tools. Disconnect the hose. Disconnect the holding straps.

Remove the empty cylinder and store in approved location. Replace with a full cylinder in the proper position noting the location of the pin on the lift truck and the hole in the tank. Re-connect the holding straps. Tighten the hose valve.
How to safely replace forklift LP gas tank
How to safely replace forklift LP gas tank
Open the valve on the cylinder slowly and check for leaks. The use of soap and water is a good method.

If the valve leaks perform these steps-
Try to tighten the fitting a little more.
Change the cylinder.
Change the hose and valve assembly.

If no leaks are present, open the valve on the tank fully. Check that the hose is not rubbing on anything. Secure the cylinder. Start the engine and resume normal forklift operation.

What should a lift truck operator not do when changing a propane tank ?
Do not use metal tools when changing an LP cylinder.
Do not use matches or a flame to check for leaks. Use soap and water or a leak detector.
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