Junheinrich EZS 350 tugger work start

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Junheinrich EZS 350 tugger work start

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My shop has a Junheinrich model EZS 350 I think and it will turn on but not move. We checked all of the fuses and they seem to be good. The emergency cut off switch is not down. What are some common causes for this Junheinrich to not move. Thanks,
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Re: Junheinrich EZS 350 tugger work start

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Junheinrich EZS 350 tugger No start
One of the issues I have found is no start for this junheinrich tugger. The first thing to check is ALWAYS battery voltage this truck being 24 volts needs to read at least 24 volts on the battery. The most common issue is that the voltage is going to the Emergency stop button but not coming out of the Emergency stop even if the switch is either in or out.

Best way to test emergency stop is to hook up the negative lead to the battery negative side (-) and using the positive lead (+), probe the wire coming from the battery to the emergency stop. You should read battery voltage on either side of the emergency stop when the emergency stop is open. If battery voltage is not found coming out of emergency stop whether its open or closed it had a sticking or bad emergency stop button
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