Jungheinrich Tugger Ezs 570 No horn

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Jungheinrich Tugger Ezs 570 No horn

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I have a Jungheinrich tugger fairly new but lots of hours on it, the horn just stopped working, i replaced the horn itself but no luck, what could it possibly be? its a safety concern for us and I would hate to call out the forklift mechanic for something that might be simple. thanks.
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Re: Jungheinrich Tugger Ezs 570 No horn

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The way you can check if you are getting voltage to the horn on your Jungheinrich tugger is by using a volt meter, you would have to probe the positive cable going to the positive terminal of the horn, and the negative lead would go to either the negative of the battery or any KNOWN marked negative,

When both of those are probed, press the horn, your volt meter should read battery voltage.

If it does not the first thing you should do is check fuse "B" on the fuse block right over the horn itself. It is a 10amp 80v fuse, you can check the continuity across the pins of the fuse to check resistance, if no resistance replace it.

If you replaced the fuse and still no horn, it is likely it is the switch itself it is a very elaborate switch and pretty sealed so its rare to go bad, but it is electrical so that is a possibility.

to check the switch after you replaced the fuse you would have to probe the pin on the fuse holder itself while trying to depress it, with the negative lead on the negative of the battery and the positive lead on the fuse holder slot itself.

Make sure you have a 48 volt horn, you can bench test it by jumping it to the battery itself, try to stay away from any controllers or contactors for testing purposes.
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