Jungheinrich Electrical Power Assisted Steering Issues

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Jungheinrich Electrical Power Assisted Steering Issues

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I am hoping for some insight from someone in the know regarding a Jungheinrich Forklift, I am not familiar with this brand of lifter at all.

The model plate has been removed and a plate fitted by ARMILL.co.uk has replaced it , it says : EFG 1.6-3/36115-420PD

( 1.6 Ton and 3 wheels and a Triple lift Mast with Side Shifter )

Is this an EFG 115-420 model ?

I am trying to work out why there is no electric power assisted steering , so far I know that the Main contactor is sending 48v to the steering motor , brushes look good and the 2 output / earth return wires from motor have 48v on them , these 2 thick wires disappear behind the motor and deep into the truck , at this point a 3rd thick wire returns back from where these 2 go and goes to the an earth point on contactor board under the cover on the LHS of truck.

Where do these 3 wires go to , a steering controller ? I assume the reason I have 2 wires is for clockwise/anti clockwise rotation of motor for the assisted power steering.

I know she is old etc approx 2009 and not worth spending too much on but its for an old friend , so time is free but parts may well be extortionate , I need a schematic or a wiring diagram to show me how the steering system works , as there must be something on the chain driven steering that tells motor which way and how much torque is being applied to steering , for it to decide which way motor turns and how much torque it should apply.

Any help would be most appreciated , I understand electrics etc but it looks like battery removal or deep behind electrical / contactor board is where I need to go to see and trace wires and I don't want to spend ages doing this if its not needed .
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