ECR327 E0126 Code

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ECR327 E0126 Code

Post by George »

I have a Jungheinrich ECR 327 walkie rider coding out at e0126. What could this be? When I turn it off then back on code goes away but when I drive 10 feet then it cuts off and codes out. Any help will do, thanks.
Jungheinrich ECR 327 Fault code E0126.
Jungheinrich ECR 327 Fault code E0126.
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Re: ECR327 E0126 Code

Post by hiandlotech »

Hello and welcome to fix a!!!

Event code E0126 is defined as pretty much loosing main line contactor (K1) Signal,
I have seen this numerous time since Jungheinrich main line contactors are interchangeable, Wiggle the K1 wire on the contactor itself and the code will set, this is because the factory solder is weak and will eventually cause an intermittent connection, So replace the main line contactor and it will fix your issue, this issue may set other codes to follow when trying to travel but this is the main reason.

Replace contactor hopefully its under warranty and you dont have to tell mr.customer the bad news
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