Proper forklift mast lifting techniques

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Proper forklift mast lifting techniques

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Proper mast lifting techniques.
There are a few ways to get underneath a forklift either to service brakes, track down a wire, or even remove a belly pan to access the oil drain plug. One of the most common ways is to use two blocks of oak wood by lifting the mast all the way back, inserting one piece of oak wood on the OUTSIDE channel of the mast, you may have to lift the forks a bit to gain clearance, then ?lt forward until the truck deadhead’s, you should feel the front end lift up and the wheels should be off of the ground.

There are also heavy duty truck ramps you can drive on, if you're really lucky you might have access to a hydraulic lift with arms to lift it.
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Re: Proper forklift mast lifting techniques

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Tilt mast back, place blocks under mast, tilt mast forward.
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