New golf cart batteries wont charge

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New golf cart batteries wont charge

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I have a 48 volt EZ Go golf cart, we replaced the batteries all brand new, and now they wont charge when i put it on the charger, the LED indicator doesnt turn on either to show that its connected, what can it be? I would hate to call out a technician to look at it and charge me an arm and a leg for something that may be simple.
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Re: New golf cart batteries wont charge

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Great question, I have found that if the LED light does not turn on and the cart doesn't charge, it is very possible that the red/orange wire with the black end is a one way transistor and if that's not connected, or corroded it will not signal the truck to charge. Check the current status of that wire, it is the only wire on the main positive lead that has a black cover on it
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