Cart does not run after washing it with water

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Cart does not run after washing it with water

Post by Tom » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:44 pm

I have a 2011 48 volt EZ go golf cart, one of my drivers decided to wash it and after he was done it did not want to move, now it doesnt run and we had to move it to the side of our building, I tested the batteries and it still shows about 49 volts total, what else should i test?

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Re: Cart does not run after washing it with water

Post by hiandlotech » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:35 pm

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One thing that electricity hates and causes a short is water, it should be blown out with air or carefully steel cleaned and away from any electronics when possible. Their are two possible things that it could be in this case,
One is the solenoid coil that is located near the main positive post.

You can test by turning the key on, probing your negative cable to battery negative, and probing your positive lead to either side of the solenoid, (some models may have a cover to prevent a short)

If you get battery voutage coming in but not coming out you have a possible bad solenoid which are very common to fail first since it is close to the ground,

The second thing it could be is the main controller, that is covered completely with 4 screws and a tow on/off switch on top of the cover, you would need a curtis PMC handset to recover and trouble codes, if you cannot establish communication then faulty controller occurs
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