Basic Contactor Information and Diagnostics

Basic electric forklift information related to all makes and models.
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Basic Contactor Information and Diagnostics

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Basic contactor:
On every electric type forklift you will fnd at least one contactor that closes to complete a path of voltage using a coil inside that is energized to close the contact tips. When the key is turned to activate the controller, it has to go through a contactor to direct voltage to the destination. Contactor tips are serviceable, they can be replaced if they seem to be worn, pitted, or even missing. If voltage is detected going to the contactor and the contactor reacts by closing but no voltage coming out of it, it’s very possible that contact tips need to be replaced(PICTURE 2). If voltage is going to the contactor and it is not closing and tips seem to be in good shape, it is possible the whole contactor(PICTURE 1) will need replacing.

If contactor is closed, tips are in good shape, and say 36 volts are going to in but only 30 volts coming out of it, it is possible that the coil winding inside the contactor is weak and the complete contactor will need to be replaced.

Other contactor issues include low battery voltage from the battery, bad wire(s) going to contactor, Continuity from controller to contactor, and possibly bad chassis mounting depending on the equipment.
Forklift contactor assembly.
contactor_assembly.jpg (62.79 KiB) Viewed 1754 times
Burned forklift contactor tips.
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