Tilt cylinder replace problem

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Tilt cylinder replace problem

Post by John »

I have an old Caterpillar and I'm replacing the tilt cylinder. I removed the pin on the mast but I can't seem to remove the rear pin on the base of the title cylinder. I've tried pounding it out but the angle is bad since the transmission is in the way. Any suggestions? Caterpillar GC45K.
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Re: Tilt cylinder replace problem

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Hi and welcome to fixaforklift.com

I can under stand how frustrating this could be, i ran into this many times, the first one was the roughest I had to weld a bolt onto the pin and drive it out but there is a better way,

First thing is to get a slide hammer, at least a 5lb slide hammer, there is a grease zero fitting on the middle of the pin, grease it as much as you can,

Use the slide hammer on the edge of the pin and it will slowly come out, you might have to cut the pin from the sleeve if the rear of the pin Is mushroomed already but i found the slide hammer method quite easy and fast
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