Cat 15 (T150D)

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Cat 15 (T150D)

Post by Conner »

So I've never done this before but I am absolutely stumped right now and need as much help as I can find. I have what I believe is a Cat T150D (I say believe because there are no tags model numbers etc. anywhere to be found. (Even checked all around and behind areas where it normally wouldnt be like behind the mast or inside the engine bay) . Anyways a couple days ago the Ignition switch started taking a crap and I would have to push the key into the starting postion while wiggling the harness. I started with the simple and replaced the ingnition switch before hand i tested to see what wires did what with the key in all postions but once i hooked up the new one all I can get is the engine to turnover every once in awhile. It is quite possible that I have this wired wrong because my coworker order a completely different ignition switch than the orginal, but at the sametime im wondering if it isnt just the ignition switch being wrong seeing that he got one from O'riellys auto parts instead of going through our local liftparts store. Just need ideas or help if anyone has been down this road. I have no pictures but I do have the abilitly to say that I have 2 white wires with a black strip (Acc?) A thick Red (BAT or ST?) A thick Orange one (BAT or ST?) and than 2 more smaller wires one black and one red which i believe is ignition. The biggest issue of this is that I have never worked on this Forklift before as we havent had it long and it had no service manual or operators manual anywhere previous owner said he didnt have it either. I will look again and try and find at least a model number for that would probably help me greatly as i could hopefully find the manaul and than incidently the wiring diagram. I cannot find anything online anywhere period about it. So any help is appreaciated. ,
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Re: Cat 15 (T150D)

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If it turns over every once in a while, then it sounds like the wires are on right, or it would not do that at all. Tug on each wire to make sure they do not stretch- which is a broken wire inside the insulation. If that is good, follow the wires down while moving the harness around and turning the key. Also move around the gear selector- truck wont crank if it thinks it is not in neutral.
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