How To Adjust Speed Caterpillar NRR30

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How To Adjust Speed Caterpillar NRR30

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I have a Caterpillar NRR30 reach truck and want to adjust the speed. Does anyone know the configuration password. We want to make the forklift faster.
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Re: How To Adjust Speed Caterpillar NRR30

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Hello and welcome to

I get this question asked alot, How do I make a forklift faster? How can I adjust speed on my forklift?
The truth is sometimes you cant and really need to call a trained serviced technician to hook up there computer to adjust.

For this type of truck you can!

You need to get into the configuration mode, the horn button is the "enter" button just FYI
When trying to get into configur mode you will be asked a password and the password or the superwb passcode for this and many other caterpillar is cat2

then just look for the speed menu and adjust as you please!

Password or superwb is cat2
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