code 45 Cat EC25EN2

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code 45 Cat EC25EN2

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We have a Caterpillar model EC25EN2 electric forklift with error code 45 on the display panel. The truck will turn on but won't go forward or reverse. What should i look for to fix this problem?
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Re: code 45 Cat EC25EN2

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Code 45 is defined as main contactor for traction open, ultimately it could be two issues it can eithee be the traction motor or the contactor.

Remove the rear panel have someone sit on the seat actuate the forward lever and measure voltage coming in and out of the contactor, they both should read battery voltage, if they do you have an open wire pm your traction motor, but if does not you have a bad contactor and it will need replacing.
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Re: code 47Cat EC25EN2

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When the lever is lifted the contactor opens.
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