Caterpillar park brake cable broken

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Caterpillar park brake cable broken

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We have an electric Caterpillar forklift that has a problem with the brakes. It looks like one of the park brake cables broke and the truck will move even with the handle allied and locked. It looks like the cables to in the back of the brake drum. How hard is it to get the wheels off and the drum to reader the park brake cable ? I think it's a 12000 pound model.
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Re: Caterpillar park brake cable broken

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Well if you have at least one parking cable broken, it is best to order both parking brake cables, and the seals of the drums as well, these are fairly simple but time comsuming. Here is the step by step procedure.

Release the parking brake,
Lift the mast using a wood block underneath each side of the mast and tilt forward.
Remove the wheels using a 1 1/2 socket and air gun.
(You can just remove the center bolts and the drum will come out with the wheel but it is really heavy for one person)
Remove the 10 center bolts and put a drip pan underneath it because it will drip out.
Pull the drive axle out and you will be able to remove the drum.
You will see where the parking brake cable ends down below behind one of the brake shoe.
You will have to remove the brake shoe to remove the Parking brake cable nut and anchor.
When that is loose it can be pulled out from the rear of the brake assembly.
Repeat this exact process for the other side.

On the parking brake handle:
You will have to remove the plastic covers around the parking brake assembly.
It has two 14mm bolts holding the handle, remove those bolts,
then from underneath the assembly remove the nut and slide out the cables,

One cable is longer than the other, the longer cable goes to the right side wheel when you are sitting on the truck seat.

It is recommended to remove and replace the seals on the drums, easy to pound out and replace.

It is also a good idea to put some packing tape on the brake shoe so no oil,grease, or dirt gets on it since its very porrus it can pentrate into it and can cause it to squeak which is very annoying by the way,
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