Caterpillar does not run and code 15

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Caterpillar does not run and code 15

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I need help with a code 15 on the dash of a Caterpillar 12,000 electric fork truck. The forklift will turn on, but will not drive forward or reverse. Also does not have any hydraulic function. What does code 15 mean and how do we fix it to get it running again?
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Re: Caterpillar does not run and code 15

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Code 15 Battery low voltage E8000-E12000 Caterpillar
When Code 15 is displayed on dashboard you will not be able to operate the forklift even if all condions are met. Code 15 is displayed when the battery has a substantial amount of low voltage and the traction controller detects this and will not let the drive motor turn due to safety precautions.
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In some cases Amperage may be low on battery but enough voltage may be present to let the truck operate but may be driving slow or even cut out while trying to operate.

Corrective actions include:
Check battery voltage on a 48 Volt truck at least 48 volts need to be detected, typical healthy battery will read around 51.5 volts. If enough voltage is detected check battery voltage while turning the forklift on, if the volt meter read’s anything lower than 48 volts, the battery may have one or more bad cells and may need water service with an equalize charge cycle.

Usually a foul smell will follow a battery along with heavily sulfated around the case and in between the cells.

Consult with trained battery technician to perform an amperage load test to determine any bad cells.
Caterpillar code 15 on dash.
Caterpillar code 15 on dash.
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