Adjust maximum travel speed

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Adjust maximum travel speed

Post by Steve »

Is it possible to adjust the Caterpillar 10k lb. maximum travel speed to go faster than it is currently? The cusomer wants the forklift to go about 12 MPH. I told him that is really fast but he insist they need it to go faster.
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Re: Adjust maximum travel speed

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To answer your question Yes! It is possible to adjust the current maximum speed but you would require a LX handset,

You would have to remove the rear access panel and disconnect the control harness that is located on the traction controller

Connect the handset into that port, the wire to the handset should be long enough to reach while you are sitting down on the seat,

You need to have the factory parameters that are loaded onto the truck and located the parameter that changes the speed, you can also hook up using the diagnozer software and change it through there, but you will still need to re-learn the acceleration procedure or else any changes you have made will not be saved.

It is best to consult a service technician unless you are looking to up the speed on multiple trucks then it might be a good idea to invest in a handset that can be bought online, the factory parameters can be retrieved from a caterpillar dealer or any qualified 3rd party parts location
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